Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gravity?

Gravity (GVT) is an internal CodeGalaxy currency.
You can spend Gravity to get CodeGalaxy Plus access - login & see prices

How to earn Gravity?

Send your content contribution to [email protected] with a subject from the list below.

Create content

  • Send technical question and answer from your interview experience: 0.2 GVT
  • Translate a question: 0.3 GVT
  • Add an explanation to an existing question: 0.6 GVT
  • Add a theory snippet to question: 0.6 GVT
  • Create a question: 1 GVT
  • Send your tech article for publishing on CodeGalaxy website: 10 GVT
  • Create a new Quiz: 100 GVT

Tell the world about us

  • Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram: 0.1 GVT
  • Share to social media, send us links. After 1 week we give you Gravity: 0.1 GVT
  • Post story in Instagram / Snapchat / Facebook: 0.1 GVT
  • Add review on Google about us: 0.2 GVT
  • Share information about us at a forum or add a comment (with a backlink on, and, please, don't make it look like spam 🤞). After 1 week we give you Gravity: 0.2 GVT
  • Post about us at Telegram channel for developers: 1 GVT
  • Write an article about us (with backlink on in your blog or podcast, send us link: 5 GVT
  • Invite a friend, if they earn 200 xp: 5 GVT

Help us to improve

  • Report a bug on our website. Describe user steps and how error appeared. 2 GVT
  • Complete our survey (takes 30-45 min approximately): 15 GVT
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