What will be displayed when the following code is executed:
#include <iostream>

template<class T>struct Counter {
  Counter() {  ++count;    }
  static int count;

template<class T> int Counter<T>::count = 0;

struct Derived1: Counter<Derived1>  {};

struct Derived2: Counter<Derived2>  {};

int main(int argc, char** argv)
  Derived1 a, b;
  Derived2 c;
  std::cout << Derived1::count << Derived2::count << '\n';
  return 0;
The so-called Curiously recurring template pattern (CRTP) takes place​ when the descendent passes himself to the base class as a template parameter. Since Counter<Derived1> and Counter<Derived2> - are different types of objects. Therefore, the correct answer is 21.

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