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Java Enum Types

The article considers the implementation of Java enum types, starting from the API and ending with examples of the usage of inheritance in enums. The article is recommended reading for all java-programmers, regardless of experience.

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Regular expressions

The article information is constructed in such a way, that everybody will understand how to use them, even those who knows nothing about regular expressions.

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regexp regular expressions


Inner classes in Java

In Java nested class - a class that is declared within another class declaration. Nested classes are divided into static and non-static . Strictly non-static nested classes have another name - inner classes.

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inner classes nested classes


Implementing authorization for API on the top of Play Framework 2.4*

The article considers the implementation of an easy to use authorization mechanism based on Play Framework 2.4* Actions architecture with full power of classical Actions

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Actions Play-Framework BodyParsers AnyContent

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