Following program should produce an integer division of two numbers entered from the keyboard. Which lines of code contain logical errors or mistakes that result in compilation errors?

#include <iostream>                                   //1

int main()
  int n1, n2;
  std::cout << "Enter two integers: ";
  std::cin >> n1 >> n2;                               //2

  if (n2 =! 0)                                        //3
      std::cout << "Result is: " << (n1/n2) << '\n';  //4
      std::cout << "Can not divide by zero\n";

  return 0;
There is an error in the line 3 since assignment is performed inside the if clause:

n2 = !0;
if (n2)
Therefore, the program will always assigns a non-zero value to n2 (1), then executes the condition (which is always true) and divides the first number by the second.
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