What will be displayed by ​the following program?
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

struct A
    void foo() { cout << "A::foo()\n"; }

struct B : virtual A
    virtual void foo() { cout << "B::foo()\n"; }

struct C : B, virtual A
    void foo() { cout << "C::foo()\n"; }

int main (int argc, char *argv[])
    A *a = new C; a->foo();
    static_cast<A*>(new C)->foo();
    return 0;
Hence function foo() in struct A defined isn't virtual, static binding would be applied to it. That's why function calls from A* pointers would print A::foo to console. If we change A* to B* in main() then dynamic binding would be applied and function C::foo() called.

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