Consider following code snippet:

<p>some text
<p>some text
<p>some text</p>

Does the example above displays in browsers correctly?
The example above works in all browsers because the closing tag is considered optional. BUT! Never rely on this. It might produce unexpected results and/or errors if you forget the end tag.

@Kolrim , @neyia ! Fixed the formulation. Hope now it is not so confusing! Thanks)

2016 Sep 27, 10:40:49 AM

@Khan , @Kolrim , @neyia , thanks for a feedback!

2016 Sep 27, 10:39:17 AM


2016 Sep 27, 10:05:33 AM

This question is a bit confusing. Is it asking if it is formatted correctly or if the browser will display it properly even though it is not properly formatted?

2016 Sep 8, 7:52:58 PM

Yes in HTML5 you can leave end tag.

2015 Nov 27, 7:48:10 PM

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