What HTML elements can be used to define Italic text?
The HTML <i> element defines italic text, without any extra importance.
<i> element makes text inclined only visually.
The HTML <em> element defines emphasized text, with added semantic importance.
For an example, <em> element is used in screen readers.
It helps visually impaired people to navigate web content.

@Vadim_Klimets Fixed

2017 May 18, 12:36:42 AM

Uncertain question. "<i>Some text</i>" will be shown like italic text. "<em>Some text</em>" will be shown like italic text. Semantic importance is not visible in plain text. It is better to ask:"What is the difference between <i> and <em> tags?" Correct me if I am wrong.

2017 Apr 30, 9:55:35 PM

Uncertain question.

2017 Apr 30, 9:52:13 PM

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