After performance of what line, only one object will be available for the garbage collection (Garbage Collection)?

01. public class Test {
02.      Test ags = null;
03.      public static void main(String argv[]) {
04.           Test a1 = new Test();
05.           Test a2 = new Test();
06.           Test a3 = new Test();
07.           a1.ags = new Test();
08.           a2.ags = a1.ags;
09.           a3.ags = a2.ags;
10.           a1 = null;
11.           a2 = null;
12.           a3 = null;
13.      }
14. }
After the 9th line: a1.ags, a2.ags, a3.ags point to the object created in line 7. In the 10th line of the link a1 the meaning is set to null. Now to the object created in line 4 there're no references. I.e., it becomes available to the collector. His field ags is not taken into account, since the object to which it refers, will be available via links a2.ags, a3.ags

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