Which line in the code below will generate a compilation error?

01. public class Q11 {
02.    public static void main(String[] args) {
03.        List<? super Integer> one = new ArrayList<Integer>();
04.        addsome((List<? super Number>) one);
05.    }
06.    private static void addsome (List<? super Number> l){
07.        l.add(1);
08.        Number num = 1;
09.        l.add(num);
10.        Object ob = 1;
11.        l.add(ob);
12.        l.add(null);         
13.     }    
14. }
The line

addsome (List l)
means the input list can only accept objects whose class or superclass is Number. Accordingly, an object of type Object will not be accepted.

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