In which lines the parameter T is not allowed to use (select 3 choices):
public class Test & lt; T & gt; {
     private T item; // (1)
     private static T [] storage = new T [100]; // (2)
     public Test (T item) {this.item = item; } // (3)
     public T getItem () {return item; } // (4)
     public void setItem (T newItem) {item = newItem; } // (5)
     public static void getAllItems (T newItem) {// (6)
         T temp; // (7)
Any use of the type-parameter in a static context is forbidden. Type parameter can NOT be used as:
- The type of static field (line 2);
- The type of the return value of the static method;
- The type of the formal parameter of the static method (line 6);
- The type of a local variable in the body of the static method (line 7);
- The type of a local variable in the static initialization block, etc.
In addition, the type parameter can not be used in the operator new, even when creating arrays (line 2).

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