Given class
public class Cycle {
      public static void main(String[] bicycle) {
and the command line of it's launch
>java Cycle one two
Select the only correct version of the application display.

@Ashish ">java Cycle one two" - here Cycle is the name of compiled application, where the main() method is the entry point. Next parameters are "one two" will appear in String[] bicycle array of arguments to this program, from this we can say that bicycle[0] should contain "one". Maybe you put wrong input to this program, e.g. ">java Cycle Cycle one two"

2019 Jul 31, 2:57:33 PM

But I got Cycle only. :|

2019 Jul 25, 10:49:21 AM

Thanks, @sergeym2360 . Fixed

2019 Mar 29, 10:29:45 AM

Will display one NOT Cycle

2019 Mar 29, 9:10:55 AM

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