Will the following code compile?
class Quizful {
  private var f = -1
  def f = 1
Get an explanation when it's available:
  • Scala has just two namespaces for definitions in place of Java’s four. Java’s namespaces are fields, methods, types, and packages. Scala’s namespaces are:
    • values (fields, methods, packages, and singleton objects)
    • types (class and trait names)

    In Scala it is forbidden to define a field and method with the same name in the same class, whereas it is allowed in Java.
    This Java class would compile just fine:
    class CompilesFine {
      private int f = 0;
      public int f() {
        return 1;
    But the corresponding Scala class would not compile:
    class WontCompile {
      private var f = 0
      def f = 1
    The reason Scala places fields and methods into the same namespace is precisely so you can override a parameterless method with a val.
    Source: Overriding methods and fields

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