There is a case class:
case class MailToken(uuid: String, 
                     email: String, 
                     creationTime: DateTime, 
                     expirationTime: DateTime, 
                     isSignUp: Boolean)
And we have the class converter for Java code:
public class Token {
    public String uuid;
    public String email;
    public DateTime creationTime;
    public boolean isSignUp;

    public MailToken toScala() {
        return # MISSED CODE;

    public static Token fromScala(MailToken scalaToken) {
        Token javaToken = new Token();
        javaToken.uuid = scalaToken.uuid(); =;
        javaToken.creationTime = scalaToken.creationTime();
        javaToken.isSignUp = scalaToken.isSignUp();
        return javaToken;
Choose all proper options for MISSED CODE in order to convert properly Token to MailToken.

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